Survey shows 86% of St. Croix Valley voters support proposed St. Croix River Crossing

Respondents believe that the new bridge will improve safety and
reduce traffic congestion; they are unwilling to wait for other options

STILLWATER, Minn. – As the U.S. House of Representatives prepares to take up legislation that would allow the St. Croix River Crossing to move forward, a new survey indicates that 86% of voters in the St. Croix River Valley support the proposed project.  A significant majority of voters (85%) believe that the four-lane bridge needs to be built now, and that the states should not delay construction to review other proposals.  Last week the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill that would authorize work on a new four-lane bridge over the river.

Replacing the 80-year-old Stillwater Lift Bridge is the top priority for the majority of St. Croix River Valley residents.  Overall, 92% of residents are familiar with the issues surrounding the decades-long debate about replacing the bridge.

A majority of voters (79%) are concerned about the safety of the fracture-critical Stillwater Lift Bridge.  Voters overwhelmingly believe that the new bridge will make it safer to cross the St. Croix River, shorten travel time between Minnesota and Wisconsin, and result in less traffic in downtown Stillwater.

“This survey proves what we have known for years – St. Croix Valley residents overwhelmingly support the St. Croix River Crossing,” said Stillwater Mayor Ken Harycki, who is co-chair of the Coalition for the St. Croix River Crossing.  “The public is saying that it is time to build the bridge.  We are thankful that our elected officials both at home and in Washington are listening to their constituents and taking the final steps to make this bridge a reality.”

About the survey

Myers Research and Strategic Services and American Strategies Incorporated, two independent public research firms, designed and administered the survey from January 18-22.  The survey reached 400 registered voters who live in the St. Croix River Valley, including Stillwater, Stillwater Township, Grant Township, Oak Park Heights, Bayport, and West Lakeland Township in Minnesota and Hudson, North Hudson, Houlton, Boardman, Burkhardt, Jewett, Somerset, and New Richmond in Wisconsin.  The overall margin of error was +/- 4.9%.  An executive summary of the survey is available here.

About the Coalition for the St. Croix River Crossing

The Coalition for the St. Croix River Crossing includes business, labor, government and community leaders from Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The group supports building a new four-lane bridge that addresses traffic safety, improves citizen connections to the river, and protects historic sites in the region.  The coalition is working to identify, generate and maintain support among residents, businesses, visitors, and elected officials from both sides of the river and both sides of the political aisle.

For more information about the Coalition for the St. Croix River Crossing, visit www.stcroixcrossing.org.


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